Autopsie Muzicala #7 Tinie Tempah - Childern of the sun

Tinie Tempah este un  rapper englez care s-a nascut pe 7 noiembrie 1988 .
El si-a inceput cariera in 2005 iar in 2010 a scos albumul Disc-overy iar anul acesta va scoate un album numit Demonstration.
Piesa pe care o voi ''diseca'' se numeste ''Children of the sun'' si este scrisa in colalborare cu John Martin .

Refrenul suna cam asa :

''Lay down your head
You're not alone
Anywhere you go, I follow
We are the children of the sun
That's all you need to know'' 

Referenul se reptata de doua ori si este interpretat de Jonh Martin .
Si spune ca orice am face orcum am fi , po-ti sa-ti pleci capul
ca orcum niciodata nu esti singur ,tot timpul este cineva acolo pentru tine
deoarece toti suntem copii soarelui ,adica toti suntem

Strofa unu :

''Looking over my …sky looking over my rifles
Both hands on that Bible, I’m next in line for that title
When they got had nothing to do, what was I do, who was in the studio with Taio
We climbing high, we on the Kilimanjaro, we try to kill
They don’t really know what’s happening
Never gotten clothes off a mannequin, we don’t want no comparison
I overdose in extravagance, we went for gold and got platinum
I told my bro to get an ambulance ‘cause I caught a corner, it’s pertinent
Having hope in your heart, it’s a shadow of these fucking rings
Don’t worry, still get stuck by Sergeant Pepper, looking for that secret to start us off
In a lifetime of regret, I’m just looking for some answers''

Uitand-use peste cer ,cu ambele mainii pe bibile adica cu incredere ,
asteptand sa fie primul pentru titlu ,cand ei nu avau nimc cand era in studio.
'' We climbing high , we on the Killimanjoaro ,we try to kill ''
Ei au trecut prim multe , de la bine la rau .de la saracie la bogatie .
Avand speranta poti sa faci tot ce vrei  , fara sa regreti nimic
doar sa te uti dupa raspunsuri adica adevar.

Strofa doi ''
 I had them tinting my window, wise words in my kingdom
Disturbing London, we here to ball, your team stuck in limbo
Like Freddie, Bruno and Ringo, I saw the signs and symbols
But I talked down to my yellow ride, that bitch ain’t my bimbo
I’m yards away from that milestone, international go to
Put me through tomorrow with your Instagram and your IPhone
From yellow bricks and them rime stones, I ring bells, I’m highest all
Look at all the rappers we outsold so keep your mouth closed
How did I become so jaded, maybe all these insecurities done make you feel so naked
Feel like Harry did in Vegas, had my privacy invaded
Just a liberty of PED, epitome of what’s famous
Grease up in my parish, keep on putting me in their prayers
Swear I’d never sell my soul, my pride and dignity is too major
We rarely ever get those second chances, after a lifetime of regret
I’m just looking for some answers ''

Da , da , Tinie tu ai venit de jos , ai ajuns sus , la bani ,masini ,
femei , oleaca de referinta la ceea ce a facut printul Harry in Las Vegas .
Tinie zice nu o sa-tis vand sufletul , demnitatea si madnrie ,
neavant a doua sansa , fara sa regreti toata viata .
Cautand raspusnuri .

Strofa trei
''Looking for a light that can outshine the sun
I know one day our time will come
Bought a camera to capture these cinematic nights
Still don't satisfy my appetite for this lavish life
Tell me, doctor, am I fit for all these flashing lights?
Like Michael said, it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white
We got the colors of the sun to descend above us
All we have is each other in case you happen to wonder
Let’s go ''

Trebuie sa ai incredere si credinta ca sa faci tot ce vrei sa faci .
Si acea zi va veni  .
Cum zicea Michael Jackson nu conteaza daca esti alb sau negru
Deoaerce toti suntem copii soarelui adica ,la fel ca referina cu Biblia
zicand ca suntem copii domnului si nu conteaza culooare noastra
deoarece toti suntem la fel , si avem nevoie sa avem speranta si incredere
in noi si in fortele noastra .

Tinie Tempah ''Children of the Sun'' primeste de la mine 4/5  .


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